Team 4: Day 10

Finished the final touches right before the deadline. This was definitely a learning experience for all and the team is pleased with how it turned out.

Hoping for good things!

Thank you, Team!

No matter what happens, I just wanted to say that I am proud of all the hard work that we’ve done. It has been such a pleasure to work with all of you and I can’t wait to show off what we’ve accomplished in just a few days. #AwesomeTeamwork


Day 10 team 13

We are finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Database fixed, UI fixed, and submitted!!! Our presentation is also constructed and we are all excited to present and show it off.

Team 3 – Day 10

Team 3 really pulled it together and made more progress on our project this last day of development than any of the other nine. Despite one member’s visit to the emergency room due to a high fever this weekend, another member’s friend getting hit by a drunk driver (she’s fine, don’t worry), and a third member’s Boston trip that lasted almost the whole first half of the competition, we kept fighting our way through and actually left the Mac lab on Day 10 satisfied with what we had accomplished. With Kunal working on our poster and Ali putting together a presentation for the judging ceremony, we’re finally feeling good about Monday.

Team 14 – Day 10!

WOah these last ten days have been really remarkable. When i’d heard other teams saying that they’ve done appjam i’d have a certain image on how eveything went and now that i’ve gone though with it that image is totally different, but  I’ll describe how today went. So today we implemented bluetooth into our device while trying to make the app look nicer and not crash. I’m happy to say that it does look alot better and there are very few( We don’t know about them :D ) ways to make the app crash. Although appJam was a real pain at times I’ve personally learned a lot and make friends/memories that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

-Team 14

Team 10: Night 10

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, it is with great honor and pleasure that I, Stephen Schale, medical student and now-programmer extraordinaire,  present to you, esteemed readers of the Team 10 Blog, the fruits of our labors, on which one member of our team spent over 100 hours on in the span of just 10 days, a medical application for the iPad that will revolutionize the way that doctors interact with their patients, the way patients communicate with their doctors before, during and after their office visits, the way doctors interact with each other in their search for medical knowledge, and the time it takes doctors to write effective and complete notes.

Now, without any further ado, I give you: Missive!

What does it do? I just told you. Want to see it in action? Come to the judging event tomorrow from 4-7, in Pacific Ballroom D of the Student Center.

Now for a few brief closing updates. We spent the afternoon and evening finalizing (and adding!) features, touching up the UI, debugging, and creating our poster. Overall, development really followed a logarithmic trajectory, with the bulk of the coding and implementation completed starting Thursday. While we did not meet all our starting objectives (which was to build a complete EMR…I might’ve overreached just a *tad* on that one), I believe the product we have produced could be put into use today!

[For the record, as I'm writing this, I have to resist the strong urge to make minor tweaks that I just randomly think up. I've got the programming bug!]

Signing off for Team 10

Stephen Schale

Team 18 – Day 10!

I am sad to say that Med AppJam is now over, it was a great learning experience, and it was fun. I’m proud of my team for sticking around, not giving up, and working hard until the very last minute. There are many features we didn’t have time to implement; we had a graph feature we were working on but ran out of time to complete. But I’m still proud of the app we made =)

Can’t wait to see what everyone created at the award ceremony, and good job everyone!

All Quiet on the Western Front – Day 10

My teammates and I cheered as our app compiled and ran – minutes before the deadline. Lickety split we zipped it up and submitted, racing the seconds hand to the dreaded 12. It comes as a relief, knowing there is nothing more we can do, but it is a bittersweet feeling.

A project is never really complete; it merely reaches new degrees of polish. To say we finished our app is a half truth. It is submitted, and runs functionally, but there will always be the little things we didn’t have time for breathing down my neck. It’s hard to know if we didn’t design our app well, or if we bit off more than we could chew, but the reason hardly matters: we did our best, and that’s the best we could hope for.

Before I return to the world of homework and tests, I’d like to congratulate all the MedAppJam teams. Each and every one of you worked your tail off, and that’s plenty to be proud of. It was a grueling 10 days, and, while we aren’t out of the woods quite yet, I hope everyone can catch up on some much needed and well deserved rest.

Sleep well tonight,


Team 8: Day 10

It has been a wonderful journey and an honor to work with my group members. We worked long and hard to reach this point. At last, we have reached the finish line. We are excited to show the judges the fruits of our labor. Good luck to everyone!

Team 17 – Day 10

We all tried to look at XCode some more but were unsuccessful. We were able to get help from Matthew Chan, who helped us significantly on the progress of our app. He gave us a better understanding of how to develop iOS apps. Unfortunately many of the other team members were not able to help with the rest of the development of the app. Then Amy tried to work on the rest of the app for the remainder of the night.